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Launch the right strategic workforce strategy with employee surveys to improve employer-employee relationships.

5 Signs You’re in a Dead-End Relationship With Your Employees and What to Do About It

Paul Simon knew, there must be “50 Ways to Leave your Lover”. But painful relationships are not confined to romance; they occur in today’s workplace, surfacing as disengagement and apathy in the daily grind of work. They also can be avoided. If we recognize the signs of a dead end employer-employee relationship and what workforce strategies employers can launch, we can bring the magic back. Bringing the Magic Back to Workforce Strategy Unless you’re from the future, you employ people not [...]


Linking Workforce Strategy & Customer Satisfaction

Maintain client trust and satisfaction by articulating the expertise of all your employees rather than specific people. The importance of maintaining a customer relationship should not depend on the customer’s fondness for one specific employee. Your clients must know that the quality of service is a result of the efforts of many people, not just their point of contact.