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Work-Life Balance: The Bottom Line

Today’s work force is riding a tidal wave of work-life trends as concepts like “mindfulness” and “nap rooms” become main stream. Many companies are redefining parental leave (for Dad’s, adopters, or non-birth parents), and volunteer days become the norm. The pattern here is making room for what happens in life, but 3 questions linger:


Build the Perfect Exit Interview, Build a Better Workplace

Done right, an intelligent exit interview strategy can offer you a wealth of information on your staffing needs. I know…you don’t do exit interviews.  Well, despite the escalating cost of employee turnover, most companies don’t. The common reasons are: I already know why people leave People don’t give honest answers We don’t have the time I am not sure what to ask, or Who needs them? The people are gone anyway. Exit Interview Return on Investment “Turnover is a symptom, not a problem. Employers do not have [...]


Supervisory Approaches Impact Voluntary Turnover

Leadership styles impact employees’ attitudes toward your company. Supervisors may not realize that they wield powerful influences on their employees’ attitudes toward your company. A lack of dialog in this relationship can influence competent employees to leave.