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How to fire someone for poor performance? Consider these employee questions before terminating the poor performer.

Five Questions to Ask Before Terminating a Poor Performer

Its 2 AM, you are up, you cannot sleep.  Your mind is swirling with thoughts of your company’s performance and that one person who is not carrying his weight. What should you do? Begin by taking time to reflect on the following – Is there still value in this work relationship?  Five questions to consider when formulating the answer: Do I think this person can improve their performance?  If not… do I have a quantifiable and objective reason for terminating them?  Unless [...]


The Real Cost of a Poor Hire

Think about the last few hires that didn’t work out.  On paper, applicants may possess the education, work experience and skills for the job, but polished resumes may not reveal hidden liabilities.  The real cost of a poor hire is often lost production time, money, and a decrease in employee morale – all costly mistakes for any employer. “Your profits are walking out the door — literally. Every time you lose an employee, all the money you have invested in [...]