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The New Customer: Your Workforce

Pharmaceutical companies create consumer loyalty by promising to improve quality of life. The same approach is becoming adapted as one of the most effective workforce talent management strategies. “Firms that do not align employee and firm needs increase the likelihood that employees will leave and leave less talented employees behind to finish the job.” –  Chason Hecht, President, Retensa The greatest impact on the cost of doing business in the past 20 years has been employee turnover.  Losing top talent to the competition [...]


Mentoring in the New Economy

Mentor relationships are beneficial to every employee’s career development, but some pitfalls have arisen. The current economic climate is producing uncertainty in many baby boomers about their own job security. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, “Moving on: Don’t trust anyone under 30; Boomers struggle with their new role as mentor,” many older workers and their junior counterparts are having difficulty forming rewarding mentoring bonds.