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Promote employee engagement with HR titles that align with the job description. Highlight the positive outcomes of the role.

5 New HR Titles that Promote Employee Engagement

Looks like they’ve done it again. Often the first to innovate, the technology sector has taken up the task of rebranding HR by giving it trendier titles. Here are our top five picks for names that we’ve seen some of the leading tech firms use to improve employee engagement and what they are really saying. 1.     Person: Andrea Weber at IBM Title: Chief Happiness Officer Translation: “I’m your advocate.” While at some workplaces they are esteemed, HR people are commonly seen as [...]


Your Companies Have Merged. Which Executives Will Stay?

The success of Mergers & Acquisition is dependent upon retaining the right executives. The executive level focus is often overlooked because the drivers for a new corporate culture are based upon the collaboration and integration of both human resource structures, but if HR is colliding, they aren’t driving.