Commitment to Confidentiality Statement

If a link to this page is included in an invitation for survey, focus group, interview, or general feedback, we commit to never attach your individual name information to your responses. Retensa is independent from your employer. Therefore, all answers are kept completely confidential. No one at your organization will ever see your name associated with your responses, unless required for compliance with legal authorities.

Our commitment to confidentiality extends to any medium in which your input is collected, including:

  • Focus Groups: Retensa’s use of a focus group is for data collection and analysis. Under no circumstance will any individual participant’s information be released to your organization.
  • Interviews: Retensa will use interviews for data collection purposes only. Individual names and comments will be kept strictly confidential and will not be released to your company.
  • TalentPulse Surveys: Retensa uses data compiled from surveys to pinpoint general opportunities and challenges to an organization. Retensa will never release personal information from individual participants.
  • Online Suggestion Box: Retensa keeps all online suggestions completely confidential.

If you have been invited to respond to an exit interview, select HR personnel may have the authority to view your responses. However, if you wish for it to remain private, please let us know and we will honor your request. Maintaining your confidentiality is fundamental to Retensa’s moral and ethical code of conduct. Please be assured that all reasonable efforts are taken to assure the confidentiality of your responses.