Launch the right strategic workforce strategy with employee surveys to improve employer-employee relationships.

5 Signs You’re in a Dead-End Relationship With Your Employees and What to Do About It

Paul Simon knew, there must be “50 Ways to Leave your Lover”. But painful relationships are not confined to romance; they occur in today’s workplace, surfacing as disengagement and apathy in the daily grind of work. They also can be avoided. If we recognize the signs of a dead end employer-employee relationship and what workforce strategies employers can launch, we can bring the magic back. Bringing the Magic Back to Workforce Strategy Unless you’re from the future, you employ people not [...]

Employee surveys are necessary for a remote work environment. Measure productivity and engagement to drive culture success.

How to Keep the Love Alive in a Long Distance Relationship with your Workforce

The advent of remote work brings with it a set of challenges. As speed, flexibility, and collaboration become the bottlenecks of today’s workplace, a whole new set of norms exist now. Companies looking to build a high performance culture confront the challenge of sustaining employee motivation without face to face interaction. How can employers make sure their employees stay in love with their work and the company, despite being in a long distance, remote relationship? Employee surveys that measure [...]

Learn valuable recruitment and retention insights from Shark Tank. Treat employees like a customer to retain top talent.

4 Employee Retention Tools We Learned from Shark Tank

Popular ABC TV show Shark Tank is a prototype for what is possibly the world’s best recruitment process. While many viewers tune in for entertainment, witnessing the frenzy of action provides valuable insight on how to recruit and retain high performing employees. Here are four real-world retention lessons from Shark Tank. These expose some of the most powerful employee retention tools on land. 1: Selling the  Opportunity In the absence of presenting value, the wall of sharks are impenetrable. Once the [...]

Practice employee retention strategies to foster company culture, employee recognition, and hiring the right talent.

5 Talent Retention Strategies We Learn from Cinco de Mayo

While most people associate Cinco de Mayo with carne asada, mariachi music, and a zesty tequila, there is a powerful allegory about the employee retention strategy behind all the festivities. These five enchiladas of wisdom revealed by the underdog victory at the Battle of Puebla offers strong insights intro talent retention strategies. Talent Retention Strategies Hot Tamale #1: Know what You’re up Against When the Mexicans triumphed over the French, it was a major upset. Not only were the French an [...]

Retain your top talent, so your employees don’t join the competition. Prioritize employer-employee relationships.

3 Reasons Employees Cheat on You, and How to Stop Getting Dumped in a Hot Job Market

Tough times can hurt a company’s health, but in a hot market just as many hearts break. As of Quarter 1 2017, global economic indicators remain positive and the job market is on fire, leaving employers worried about their talent growing hot to trot for a new stable. A recent article by Fortune revealed that 89% of employers cited retention as a critical priority (Schwabel, 2016). This article, the second in our Love and Surveys series, outlines two of [...]

Improve employee engagement and employee retention for your female staff. Develop and retain women leadership at your company.

Why Women’s Retention Has Failed (and the Truth on How to Improve Employee Engagement)

Women’s retention has failed. The question of how to improve employee engagement for women mystifies even the most progressive of organizations. Only 4% of CEO’s at S&P 500 companies are female.1 What gives? Countless programs have been launched, but clearly after decades of trying to close the leadership gap, caring and succeeding are clearly not synonymous. The politically correct leaders cannot refuse the suggestion to launch. Then, volunteers are gathered, and given scant resources. They are launched because it’s [...]

It is important for leadership to gather employee feedback to retain top talent and reduce employee turnover.

Beware the Ides of March: 3 Ways Your Company is the Julius Caesar of Employee Turnover

Leadership can be deadly. The unfortunate demise of Caesar, the Roman Emperor assassinated by his own senators, exemplifies how bad things can get when leaders ignore employees. If the following sounds like your organization, you may be bound for some employee turnover this Ides of March. Ignoring the Predictions Caesar’s death was foreshadowed by a soothsayer who predicted that the bright day would bring forth the adder. Still he chose to turn a deaf ear to how effective his leadership was. [...]

Employee surveys are the key to a successful professional relationship. Pulse the level of commitment in your workplace.

I Can’t Help Falling In Love . . . with These Employee Surveys

What makes human relationships successful? We know that the key to success in any relationship, personal or professional, is commitment – but there is more to it than just the word. Read on to learn about how commitment can be measured using intelligent employee surveys in this first installment of our Love & Surveys series. You can’t make your people fall in love with you, but you can know if they like you, or if they really, really like [...]

Design employee onboarding programs to maximize employee performance and retention. Improve employee onboarding with gamification.

2 Gamification Hacks for Employee Onboarding Awesomeness

Time and time again, HR professionals struggle with employee onboarding. Programs designed to maximize employee performance and retention, no matter how carefully constructed, very often fall short of the mark. The real reason is not lack of motivation from the employee or lack of willingness from the employer. Instead, it is this flaw of our consciousness: the human brain’s tendency to forget. This blog will shed light upon how to improve employee onboarding using gamification. Employee Onboarding Hacks Whether or not [...]

Reduce turnover in sales with employee retention strategies. Invest in training to retain your best salespeople.

How to Block the Competition from Poaching Your Sales Stars

When it comes to employee retention, salespeople can be quite a challenge. It is the Salesperson “Key Employee Retention Paradox”… When they are not performing, invest in training until they start cashing in the chips. Then when they do, the world discovers their success. Blink your eyes and they get poached, taking valuable relationships with them. With the cost of turnover for salespeople higher than almost every other position, easily 5x to 20x of the employee’s salary, retaining good employees [...]