Infographic: Employee Wellness Survey

In the turmoil of the initial pandemic, employers naturally focused on resolving the major problems such as businesses closing, partnerships coming to an end, or market demand plummeting. Doing what they could to persevere, employers neglect the not-so-obvious issue…employee wellness during a crisis


Employers/Leaders/HR: Have you been able to take a step back and listen to your people (instead of the news)?  

Employees/Staff: Are you able to express your concerns with the company you work for? How did your organization alleviate your stress? 


To stay in touch with employee needs during such volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity, Retensa developed and deployed an Employee Wellness Survey at no charge to any employer. It was important to capture a candid conversation on the topic of workplace wellbeing.  

Organizations from all over the world embraced the tactic (and continue too). Industries ranging from manufacturing, to non-for-profits, to technology services responded. We extracted 1000+ responses to reflect a cross section of the workforce. Highlighted findings are presented in the infographic below. 

Employee Wellness Infographic


Are you curious about how YOUR employees feel right now? 

Do you believe that mental and physical health are important?  

If yes, go find out

NOTE: To help leadership stay connected with their workforce, especially now, we are giving all employers – of any size – free access to this Employee Mental Wellness Toolkit.  

All participating companies will receive advanced response data reports. 

(PS – You can customize the employee wellness questionnaire or use the preset 18 questions prepared by Retensa’s Survey Design team.)

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