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You can Prevent 94% of Turnover

Reduce Staff Turnover

Mine HR Data In 3 Clicks

Predictive Analytics In HR

Get the science behind a real-world talent management strategy

To attract, develop, and retain employees, we must:

  1. Understand the needs/wants/expectations of your staff at every stage of the employee-employer relationship
  2. Respond to those needs/wants/expectations as close to real-time as possible

Reduce Turnover

Turnover is a symptom, not the problem.

Companies hire Retensa to:

  • Pinpoint the root causes of their workforce challenges
  • Customize action plans to address the challenges and reduce turnover
  • Implement employee retention plans that work

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Get the Pulse of the Employee Experience

Each touchpoint along the Employee Life Cycle is your opportunity to strengthen the employer-employee relationship.

There is no neutral experience. A company is either creating loyalty, trust, and high performance, or it is not.

Only by knowing the concerns and contributions of your staff can you attract, develop, and retain employees.

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Calculate HR Metrics & Predictive Analytics

HRMetricsPro’s 150+ HR metrics answer:

  • Who succeeds as a sales manager?
  • How many women do we hire in the North region?
  • When do high performers quit?

By capturing those answers, you can predict future workforce trends in real-time.

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Better. Faster. Smarter.

Our secret formula is to reveal the secrets hidden in your data.

Your Data
Our Analysis

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Why Choose Retensa?

We are more than just software people.

We are organizational experts who built software that is better, faster, and smarter.

Our platform is one of the few HR systems described as “cool” (thanks Jacinta) and “fantastic” (thanks Lynetta).

However, the software is a means to the end. HR metrics are important. Exit interviews are important.

But most important of all, we are creating workplaces where you will motivate staff, retain employees, and exceed your goals.


What We Do

Here is the roadmap to employee retention:

  • Gather data to diagnose and analyze your workforce
  • ‚Implement changes to reduce turnover
  • Prevent future turnover with predictive analytics

We can join you at any (or every) step of the journey.

Contact Retensa to retain your best employees.

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What Clients Say

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