Retensa Featured in Pour l’Éco Article Addressing the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation creates workforce concerns


Pour l’Éco, the prestigious French magazine known as “For the Economy”, interviewed Chason Hecht on the pressing topic of the Great Resignation.

“We always see an increase in quits in time of crisis, but this current wave is unique. This “Great Resignation” follows a time of “Great Introspection.” – Retensa CEO

During times of crisis, like 9/11, the bursting of the ‘dotcom bubble’ or the 2008 recession there is always an increase in quits, but this current wave is unique. The pandemic shed light on an already existing problem, since employees were already suffering from high levels of disengagement in their work and now, they are questioning the meaning of the work they do.

Mercí to Pour l’Éco, Alexis Buisson for sharing these critical workforce concerns in the article, “Grande Démission” translation: “Covid Hastens the Great Resignation.”

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About Pour lÉco:

Pour l’Éco offers a dynamic, positive, and responsible perspective on the economy. The French magazine makes the major economic current events accessible to everyone to help decipher the world around us.

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