School Reopening Survey

Dealing with change is not easy. Getting used to a new way life is not easy. Maybe initially, working from home had some benefits. We got to sleep in a little longer, a shorter commute, and being able to spend time with family. But that phase is loooong over. Every one of us have been trying to cope with this situation in our own way.

Right now, parents/guardians are juggling work while trying to keep their children are entertained and engaged indoors. They have to deal with tweens screaming while on an important call. They need to make sure a 5 year old does not barge in while video conferencing. And then find time for the little one wanting to talk right when they are wrapping up with a deadline. Although stressful, is now overshadowed by the fact that schools are reopening.

With schools reopening, the challenges of parents and guardians escalate to new levels. For the essential workers who cannot stay home, and have no coverage, they are overwhelmed.

Employers can support staff, maintain focus, and sustain performance if they understand their mental state and ensure they have the tools and resources in place for any school scenario. to ensure they have a productive workforce and not an overworked team who are ‘present’ but are stressed worried and absent-minded. Stressed employees underperform by at least 30%.


To help your organization navigate this stressful phase, we are offering

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School Reopening Survey

This survey will help you connect with your workforce and show that leaderships cares about their wellbeing. With this universal school reopening survey, employers, companies and organizations can::

A. Pinpoint concerns of their working parents & guardians

B. Set resources and policies in place to help this population

C. Ensure they have a productive, motivated and engaged workforce


The School Reopening Survey is another tool that our team of Talent Management experts launched to support companies during this pandemic.Soon after the lockdown, Retensa launched the Employee Wellness Toolkit to capture employees concerns and prioritize how best to support them . All of these tools are accessed by companies, big and small, Retensa’s gift for FREE.

All of these tools can be accessed by ANY employer, big and small, for FREE.

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