Safe Workplace Survey

The rules of engagement among coworkers has changed. The physical workplace is in a complete transformation. All employees across all industries have to adapt to new safety guidelines, and new habits not easily formed.

With CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines applied, the Safe Workplace Survey was designed for universal use across all industries. Close proximity transfer can occur in manufacturing, food processing, and construction as well as in an office. Preventing transmission is especially relevant to transportation, education, healthcare, restaurants and retail where repeated public contact occurs.

Safe at Work: Self Screening Health Pulse

Employers who standardize return to work safety protocols are less likely to be at risk, and more likely to minimize exposure if it does occur. Launch this survey to your workforce in 8 minutes or less the very first time. You have an option to automate resending to your staff every day, every other day, every week, or any pulse timing you require.

Wearing masks, gloves, social distancing – all these guidelines are there for a purpose. To ensure our friends, neighbors and community stay safe and healthy. When employers take steps to enforce safety measures at work, employees are reassured. It promotes a sense of security to allow them to be motivated, engaged and productive.

To help employers and employees returning to work, get

FREE access to

Safe Workplace Survey

It is a self-screening health pulse survey aiding leadership to ensure safety guidelines are followed. With this survey, companies can:

A. Reduce workplace exposure to COVID-19

B. Provide employees with a safe working environment

C. Identify and monitor potential risks of COVID-19 spread

D. Support leadership to stay connected with the workforce


This back to work COVID-19 survey is the third tool launched by Retensa since the global pandemic was declared. The tools are available to all companies for FREE, to help them navigate this unprecedented time. Use the below links to learn more about the other tools:

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All of these tools can be accessed by ANY employer, big and small, for FREE. #COVID19SUPPORT for companies. #WeRinthisTogether


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