Retention Diagnostic

Retention Diagnostic: Complete Organizational Assessment

Retention Diagnostic

The Retention Diagnostic is a rapid benchmarking process that identifies the costs and identifies the real obstacles to creating a high-performing workforce. It is a powerful process in uncovering the hidden challenges affecting employee loyalty, development, performance, and engagement. This is the starting point to align the workforce to the company’s goals.

The Goal(s)

Your company wants to comprehensively evaluate what is working and what is not related to recruiting, development, motivation and retention of your workforce. You want to confidently validate, and nullify, assumptions about what is needed to reduce turnover, increase performance, and boost morale. You want clear, precise action plans that work.

Your Challenge

Change is coming, you need to know the “current state” of your workforce. You need to develop strategic goals and implement solutions that will both get results and be embraced by staff and management. You need clear links between employee practices and the impact on the organization.

How Can Retensa Help

Our Retention Diagnostic provides you with a clear snapshot of the internal best practices, and barriers to success, of your current workforce. It is a 360° view of your employee-firm relationship. Most importantly, it delivers prioritized Action Plans with recommended options, and potential advantages, to help attract and retain the optimal workforce that will achieve your long-term goals.


Armed with the clarity of this unique organizational assessment, you know where to invest in the programs that yield the highest ROI, where to stop spending money. Companies save hundreds of thousands, up to millions of dollars, as a result. We provide you with real-world staff attraction strategies, recruiting plans, leadership development opportunities, orientation and on boarding designs, and motivation programs to build employee loyalty.

Would you like to know how to get these results for you organization?