Employee Wellness Survey(DEMO)

Stay Connected with Your People, Now more than Ever

This is an unprecedented time for everyone. Organizations face real challenges posed by ever changing conditions and new ways of working. Updates are sent to your staff, but are their concerns addressed?

How are they doing? What do they need to be supported? Do we really know?

Get meaningful answers in 8 minutes with a new  FREE Employee Wellness survey

Retensa is here to help you understand and address the needs, wants, and expectations of your workforce. At times our commitment is tested. But it is never broken.

Please accept our gift to help you help your team navigate this extraordinary event. We will do our part to ensure employees are heard, helped, and have what they need to feel safe.

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What are the goals of Retensa’s Employee Wellness Survey?

     A. For leadership to stay connected with their workforce

     B. Understand employee’s current state of mental health and overall wellness

     C. Capture unexpressed employee concerns and areas of focus or need

     D. Pinpoint areas where employer can offer assistance or support