State of the Industry: The transportation and trucking business is plagued by one significant but unavoidable characteristic: travel. Traveling for extended periods of time often wears on trucking, airline, and other transportation employees, especially those with families. Employees who do not have to travel, like airline airport representatives, endure stressful conditions in a high-pressure customer service environment. Given the travel and stress, it is no surprise that turnover in these industries is enormous; it is not unusual for turnover to be over 100% in the trucking business. Employers know they cannot change the inherent nature of these industries but know that in order to reduce turnover, they will need to implement new practices.

How Can Retensa Help? Retensa’s Retention Experts can create a customized series of solutions based on the needs of your company and your specific industry. Our Retention Diagnostic provides a complete company evaluation. Your business can use this tool to gain awareness of your internal practices and make changes based on our recommendations. Retensa’s Employee Engagement Surveys uncover employees’ levels of commitment and passion and can shed light on the positive and negative aspects of your company. We don’t waste time asking opinions about job aspects that cannot be changed; rather, we concentrate on what management can effectively change to improve the employee experience.

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