State of the Industry: Lodging and restaurant managers know all too well the high turnover rates in their industry. Turnover has an immediate effect in these customer service-dependent areas. A waiter, hostess, or hotel worker’s absence translates into more work for the employees left behind, until a replacement is hired. Yet customers must still receive the level of service they expect. The pool of qualified staff is already strained because wages tend to attract those with limited education and experience. The reputation of some restaurants as “burn and churn” shops decreases the number of candidates they have to select from. Compare that to seeing the same face at the hotel when you check in, or the same friendly hostess to seat you. Hospitality companies with low turnover rates also report higher customer satisfaction and higher profits.

How Can Retensa Help? As much as employee turnover, absenteeism has a significant impact in the “always on” hospitality industry. What if absenteeism dropped 20% or 30%? That means less chaos, less frustration, and 30% less overtime costs. Many hospitality businesses are pleased when their turnover rate drops below 50%, but that still means you are replacing half of your workforce every year. What could be done if time was not spent on re-hiring and retraining? Retensa can pinpoint why people join your organization, why they stay, and why they leave. We will identify the characteristics of the target employee that will succeed at your organization. Then, we build the tools to ensure that you hire that profile at every location. Is the orientation what is could be? Are you measuring performance and recognizing and rewarding appropriately?

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