State of the Industry: Accountants and those in the legal professions work hard to gain positions at top firms in their fields, and often find that their needs for work/life balance are secondary. Even in the most ambitious and educated individuals, consistently long workdays and overwhelming workloads cause employee burnout. The impact of employee turnover is immediately felt in the world of professional services. A departing accountant or lawyer almost always takes clients with them. Companies also immediately lose the billable time that resigning staff consistently provided.

How Can Retensa Help? Many factors in professional services cannot change. There will be travel, longer than average hours, and client pressures. Retensa focuses on the issues you can control. Are you attracting the kinds of applicants that want what you have to offer? Are you setting expectations on both sides – the new hire’s and the new hire’s manager and team? Does the new hire have all the tools they need to succeed? Retensa pinpoints the real reasons employees leave your company. We can perform a Turnover Audit to accurately calculate your firm’s direct and indirect cost of turnover. Accounting, legal, and professional services firms may also benefit from our Women’s Retention Programs that concentrate on how to retain your superior female performers. Finally, we develop a comprehensive set of solutions to help your organization become an Employer of Choice and help you retain your top talent.

Are you in a Professional Services firm? Retensa can help you engage and retain your best employees. So talk to a retention expert, call us at (212) 545-1280, email us here, or request a quote now.