A break up letter to Facebook…It’s not you, It’s me

In the wake of the recent Cambridge Analytica outrage, Facebook grapples with having allegedly spilled personal data on nearly 87 Million people (and around 42% of entire USA population on Facebook.) As a result, a lot of people ‘quit’ Facebook as users. The #deletefacebook campaign caught a lot of fuel as the fire spread to different parts of the world. Some of the biggest names on the list include the prophet of future technology, Elon Musk, and technologies sage of future’s past, Apple founder Steve Wozniak. What thoughts would cross their minds when they finally hit the “Delete” button? Maybe this, a break up letter to Facebook…


The Break Up Letter

Retensa Break Up Letter Facebook



What steps will Facebook take to keep 1/3 of all earthlings from losing faith in them?

A mass exodus is unlikely right now, there are not many places to go. But this could create an opening in the future. Or Facebook could consider the inflection point for reflection, and recreate their relationship into something healthy and wholesome for everyone. The authors hope they do.

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