State of the Industry: Non-profit sector employees face different challenges than their public sector counterparts. Salaries are typically lower in the private sector and non-profit employees are usually not associated with or protected by unions. Many employees working in the non-profit industry know they could command higher pay elsewhere but are intrinsically motivated to assist in a particular cause or charity. However, this intrinsic drive is often not enough to outweigh some of the negative factors. Non-profits depend on contracts, donations, or both to maintain their operations. When a contract is lost or funding is reduced, employees are often laid off, leaving the bulk of their work on the shoulders of the remaining workers. What about the impact on employee morale? It is no wonder that non-profit employees frequently report feeling overworked and underpaid. In addition, piles of required paperwork and lack of regular recognition contribute to reduced motivation. Non-profit employers want to motivate and support their staff but are unsure of how to do so without increasing pay.

How Can Retensa Help? Retensa’s employee retention programs show your company how to reduce turnover with solutions other than a salary increase. We offer retention programs specifically for the not-for-profit workforce that will assist you in motivating the diverse populations that work for your organization. Retensa’sOrientation and On Boarding programs provide education on how to best train and On Board a new hire so they adjust to the new environment more quickly and easily. We also specialize in performing exit interviews, which capture the true reasons employees are leaving your non-profit.

Retensa can help you retain your best employees today.

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