State of the Industry: Healthcare has been one of the fastest growing industries in the last twenty years and the need for healthcare workers continues to escalate. Yet, most healthcare employers know that finding and retaining good healthcare workers is a difficult task. The widespread nursing shortage is affecting every hospital and homecare facility. Healthcare employees often cite the stressful work environment as one of the reasons they choose to leave the industry. The long hours and frequently demanding patients contribute to the physical and emotional stress of working in the field. Unhappy workers lead to unhappy patients. Patients who do not feel well cared for will go somewhere else. Quality of patient care decreases with higher turnover rate. Thousands of dollars are spent on training new workers on subjects such as HIPAA, Universal Precautions, documentation, protocols, and critical pathways.

How Can Retensa Help? Burnout is a key problem in the healthcare industry. Retaining and motivating employees starts at recruitment and orientation. It is important to get the most qualified team players for your hospital, clinic, or outpatient setting. Expectations must be set on both sides, for the new hire and for the healthcare team. What can be done to prevent someone from leaving in the first six months? Team building exercises, case studies, and case reviews can be helpful in addressing breakdowns in communication between the healthcare team and between managers and staff. These breakdowns can affect a patient’s plan of care and even their health. Because a majority of healthcare workers are female, many facilities can benefit from Women’s Retention Programs. Maintaining superior female performers can enable a healthcare team to function smoothly and provide high standards of patient care.

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