State of the Industry: The sector facing one of the largest labor shortages in the U.S. is the educational services field. Finding the most talented teachers with the desired certifications and proven success in the classroom is a significant challenge for public schools, private schools, and colleges. Keeping the best performers often proves to be more difficult. Teaching can be emotionally taxing and is an industry highly susceptible to early burnout, especially for those working in urban areas or with special-needs children. Educators who don’t receive support from their supervisors are more apt to lose motivation and see their effectiveness with students decrease. When teachers leave a job, it is frustrating to find and train their replacements. However, school administrators are not the only ones who lose when a teacher quits. When teaching is subpar, students’ learning and development suffer — and that is not something you can put a price on.

How Can Retensa Help? Retensa can help improve the effectiveness of your hiring process by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your current methods of attracting, recruiting, and interviewing applicants. We can assist you in creating superior orientation and On Boarding systems to ensure your teachers are properly introduced to the work environment at your school. Retensa also offers Retention Skills Training for Managers that will teach your administrators and supervisors how to motivate employees for the duration of the school year. Most importantly, we provide services that can be used to set up customized strategies for educators and administrators.

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